Parents’ Right To Know

To the Editor:

The people of Newtown have the right to know of the ongoing progress resulting the FOIA request Ablechild.org has pending in the court. A petition was signed by hundreds of Newtown residents and multiple amounts of Newtown and Sandy Hook business owners regarding the medical records and toxicology reports of Adam Lanza. One of the state's responses can be viewed from http://www.infowars.com/state-of-connecticut-refuses-to-release-adam-lan....

Take notice that a direct response from the assistant attorney general, Patrick B. Kwanashie was "It is harmful because then you can cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications and stop cooperating with their treating physicians."

Ablechild.org is a parent's organization and their sole mission is full informed consent which includes the right to choose alternative and safer treatment while reserving the right to refuse psychiatric products and services.

Patricia Sabato

Certified Family Advocate

18 Washington Avenue, Sandy Hook         September 25, 2013

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