To Our Unthinking Hedonist Elected Leaders

(The following letter has been emailed to Barack Obama, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, John  Boehner, Chris Murphy, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.)

Currently, you folks in congress are negotiating an immigration bill. Choreographed by the President, you’ve decided this is of utmost importance. The 11 million people in this country illegally got here mostly because you and your predecessors have refused to secure our border. Most of you claim illegal aliens need to be identified and placed on a path to citizenship….gotta happen now, can’t wait. Many of you have voted against amendments to secure our southern border. Why have you done that?....because you’re disingenuous liars, immoral people who lack integrity and have no respect for this country. It’s not just that you’re slightly misguided….your worldview is inverted…bad is good, down is up, wrong is right. You’re a collection of self-satisfied misfits who fail to grasp the irony of the “comprehensive immigration reform” mess you’ve compiled…entirely beyond your comprehension. Most of you haven’t read it and couldn’t manage its complex labyrinth of deliberately confusing logic if you did.

Though it probably predates the US history you’ve bothered to study, this same scam was run back in 1986, another time Congress claimed millions of  illegal aliens needed to be  legalized. Some of the long time congressional clowns like Chuck Schumer were involved in that scam as well.

You’re pushing for all illegal immigrants to receive de facto amnesty and become legal and have absolutely no plans to ever secure the border. In fact, what you want is a permanently, fully open border, where anyone can waltz across and become a voter….enticed by the collection of addicting handouts you’ve prepared, paid for in whole by folks who actually work for a living, performing labor to produce goods and services for sale to other people.

With very few exceptions, you’re truly a despicable bunch of unthinking hedonists. You’ve turned Washington into a sewer. You’re protected by a press corps as corrupt as you all are, largely refusing to do its job and shine a light on the corruption you call legislating.

The country was recently introduced to Lois Lerner, the IRS’s smug, self-important, amoral mutant who refused to testify about her role in strong arming people who disagree with her politics. It is fitting that this Cruella deVil look-alike has become the poster twit for the Administrative State. As Chris DeMuth states in the journal National Affairs:  “The Constitution was designed to make lawmaking cumbersome, representative, and consensual; the regulatory agency was a workaround, designed to make lawmaking efficient, specialized, and purposeful.” Lois Lerner is the regulatory agency…empowered by regulations, executive orders and czars crafted in circumvention of the Constitution.

As this once great nation becomes weaker and weaker on the global stage under the management of you and our blindingly incompetent, America-hating Chief Executive, you have all fully earned the disdain and contempt in which you are presently held by the American people.

Brendan Duffy

4 Chestnut Knoll, Sandy Hook                     June 26, 2013

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