Our Nanny State

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank those public officials and faceless bureaucrats for all the work they’ve accomplished over the decades creating such a cozy, safe, ubiquitous nanny state for all Americans to stay in. Sort of like a kennel where you can keep your dog safely. How did Americans survive and dare I say thrive for 200 years without the good graces of our benevolent leaders of today.

I’d like to thank Mayor Bloomberg for protecting us from high capacity sodas over 16 ounces. Thank you for banning Styrofoam cups; we know how dangerous Styrofoam has become. Michelle Obama certainly deserves a shout out for her courageous efforts informing all those millions of dumb parents that aren’t smart enough to feed their own children properly. And thanks to whoever banned the practice of driving our kids around town in the back of a pickup. Thanks to the EPA and two activist judges for declaring CO2 a pollutant. Imagine all the “protection” they can do with that ruling. Don’t we emit CO2 when we exhale? And thanks to all those masterminds in government deciding for us what drugs come to market, what food can be sold, what clothing is safe, what light bulb we’re allowed to buy, where we can smoke a cigarette, the type of toilets to be sold, what we can do with our own land, and how we are to install a pool, a shed, a porch. And by God please protect us from global warming. Oh yes, Governor Malloy will draft some really cool unconstitutional gun control statues for sure. Lastly, how have we survived without the Dodd- Frank bill and Obamacare.

I miss the old days when my dad would throw a bunch of us kids from the neighborhood into the back of his rusted pickup with a couple of .22 rifles, three or four dogs, and a few boxes of Ring Dings as we headed down through town to Dolan’s sand banks in Bethel to shoot some cans. Our chief of Police, Franny Kirk would arrive in his police cruiser with his Styrofoam cup of coffee, pull out his pistol and join in on the shooting of our tin cans. He’d bet us kids nickels for the best shot, and he always lost, on purpose of course. That was the 1960s. It’s Norman Rockwell nostalgia of America, right there on your calendar. It’s our once great country where individual responsibly was expected, regulations and lawyers were few, parents raised their children as they saw fit, and politicians stayed the heck out of our lives. It was called freedom. As conservative talk show host Bob Grant laments, “the destruction of America is like watching an old friend die a slow death.” For this old friend there will be no tears shed by our children, for they do not know of the freedoms they have lost. That is truly tragic.

Nicholas Barzetti

55 Flat Swamp Road, Newtown                    March 4, 2013

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