Obama Ignores The Constitution

To the Editor:

A few years ago the Democrat Party had as their central message the trampling of the Constitution by the Republicans. The good news is that at least the Republicans knew we had a Constitution. I don’t think anyone in the White House knows that document is still in existence.

Obama has presided over an IRS that is engaged in the profiling of Tea Party organizations and a Justice Department that has decided to dig into the telephone records of the press. We can forget his former Secretary of State, saying, “What difference does it make…” when asked to comment on the loss of American lives at an embassy?

In case you aren’t up on things, the President takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, which among other things provides for a free press. Is it a coincidence that the IRS profiling targeted only those who oppose Obama’s agenda? That same oath requires that he defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I guess in his mind that doesn’t apply to an embassy.

The Democrats say we Republicans trampled the Constitution! That is selective reasoning for use. Since Obama was elected various segments of the Republican Party have been obstructionists purely for the sake of obstruction. That was wrong-headed and needs to stop if the business of the people is to move forward.

However, on a parallel track, the American people can’t stand idly by when it is clearly apparent the President and his team have decided to ignore the Constitution and his oath of office. Each of these incidents needs to be investigated to determine if they stem from malfeasance, hubris, or maybe they all slept through eighth grade civics class!

R.P. Gottmeier

13 Antler Pine Road, Sandy Hook              June 2, 2013

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