No Such Thing As Free

To the Editor:

In reading Ms. LeRow’s letter [“Accepting A Gift,” Letter Hive, 9/27/13] I was amused by her statement that the $50 million grant to the town of Newtown was a “free gift with no strings attached.”

I am sorry to inform you that there are strings attached in the form of higher taxes and fees to every resident and business in the State of Connecticut.

You are right that the town of Newtown doesn’t have to pay it back directly but the citizens of Connecticut do.

The money provided by the state was borrowed by the state and must be paid back with interest to the providers of the loan. This is not in any way shape or form “free” Ms LeRow.

Also as you stated if the school is built our taxes will remain flat! There is no such thing. The BOE knows how to play the game. If they need more funds they will say Paul needs them when in reality the funds are needed for Peter. It is a version of the old bait and switch.

So when one complains about the high cost of living in Connecticut please remember that not everyone is “out of their mind” for not agreeing with you that this is a “free gift” as you so proudly put it and by the way, name calling only weakens your stand.

Fred Gruendig

6 Plumtrees Road, Newtown                    September 26, 2013

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