The Name Of Compassion

To the Editor:

I am writing to you from Jacksonville, Florida, many miles away from Newtown, Connecticut. One year ago, on December 13th, my husband and I learned that we would be adding a son to our family. We were glad to know we were having a boy, but we had no idea what to name him.

The next morning, tragedy struck your community and unbelievable news stories were reported here in Jacksonville. The country was in shock, and we prayed that weekend for the families shattered by the events of December 14th.

On Monday, we still had no name for our son. That day the names of the victims were released to the media. Our hearts broke again as we saw the pictures of those children and brave educators. Two boys stood out to us: Dylan Hockley and Jesse Lewis. It became obvious to us what our son’s name would be: Dylan Lewis. We named him in tribute to boys we never met, but now the whole world knows.

As the one year anniversary approaches this Saturday, our hearts and prayers are once again with the families. We will never forget the families of Newtown, Connecticut.


Becky Miller

Jacksonville, Florida                        December 10, 2013

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