Many Thanks

To the Editor:

The following is an incomplete list of people we wish to thank. It is intended as the beginning to a long thank you. It is just a short list of some of the most impactful gifts we’ve received in the first few months following the death of our son James.

There are several people who we feel compelled to thank right here and now for their generous giving which has immediately contributed to making our lives more manageable since 12/14. Monsignor Robert Weiss, Pam Arsenault, Jim and Roseanne Loring, Maria Coffin; Spadaccino & Gallagher funeral home and specifically, Joseph Singer. Marissa’s Ristorante in Trumbull. Seargent Anthony Signore of the Redding police force. The Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department. The Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps. The Newtown Police Department. The CT State Troopers. The FBI. Many other law enforcement officers who protected us for weeks. Eunice Bagel. The anonymous donor from Congregation Adath Israel. The American Red Cross. A group of our neighbors (Berkos). The Sippin Energy family. Local donors to the James R. Mattioli Memorial fund. The Accomando family and all the Sandy Hook Family Fund support staff. We are very appreciative of your efforts on our behalf. Jessica DiVanno, Cynthia McIntyre, Zoar Ridge Stables, Villa Restaurant, Town of Monroe and Officers Mike & Todd, Snow plowing from American Contracting. Town of Newtown employees: I expect there are dozens of you. Thank you to the people who sent money directly to the town. Thank you to Pat Llodra and Bob Tait for receiving these funds, creating an account, and distributing it to us expeditiously. The Mattera family and the delegation of food-bearing friends, who have kept us nourished. Sean Murray for hooking us up with the Giants experience. That was a glorious day. MaryRose Kristopik, Melissa Makris, Bruce Lazar and the NFL for making the children’s Super Bowl singing experience so wonderful.

We are trying to find our way in this new world, which at present seems much dimmer than it did at the 4th grade Christmas concert at Newtown High School on the evening of 12/13. Again, my apologies to those I have not mentioned here. I know there are hundreds of you helping us out: Chris Kelsie, Carole Ross, Sue Marcinek, dozens of town employees who sorted mail. The loving and talented Christmas Carolers who came to our home, your spirit and timing were much appreciated. Tom Bittman, the Newtown Memorial Fund…The School Community, Miss A, Michael G. Reagan and his Fallen Heroes Project. The therapists who came early, and have stuck by us. The survivors of previous tragedies… you shine hope in our direction. The Newtown survivors. Our prayers are with you, and your children. The 25 families that went into that room with us, and came out changed. We find our time spent with you to be very enriching.

Mark and Cindy Mattioli

Sandy Hook             March 20, 2013

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