The Level Of Gun Violence In The US Is Unacceptable

To the Editor:

This is in response to Steve Sanetti [“New Restrictions on Guns Won't Stop Criminals”], who provided statistics that purported to show evidence of a reduction in firearms accidents and gun related crime rates in part due to gun industry efforts. Simultaneously, the Huffington Post reported that more than 100 people were killed in gun related violence incidents in the US in the first week following December 14. They also reported that that number increased to 1,285 individuals in the first seven weeks after December 14 and again increased to 2,243 in the three months following the shooting at Sandy Hook.

Even if this reflects a decrease in the statistical rate as Steve would presumably argue, that number of deaths related to gun violence should be unacceptable. It means that doing business as usual should not continue and attempts to review and strengthen the laws currently in force are justifiable.

Eugene Luchansky

4 Alder Lane, Sandy Hook                March 27, 2013

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