Letters of Endorsement

To the Editor:

It is my pleasure to endorse Kathy Hamilton (aka Kathy Fetchick) for the Board of Education. She is currently an incumbent. As an elected official, she has always been there to listen to our concerns, answer our questions, do the exhaustive research that is needed and call us back.  She gives us the information we need to become better informed taxpayers and voters.

We are lucky to have someone with the passion, knowledge and expertise that Kathy has shown to represent us on the Board of Education.  We couldn’t ask for a better candidate.  I urge you to vote for Kathy Hamilton on November 5th.


Joan Day

40 Watkins Drive, Sandy Hook October 13, 2013


To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I express my support to elect Michelle Embree Ku to the Board of Education.  I have sat side by side with Michelle at many BOE meetings over the past year or more, and know that she truly cares about the education and overall well-being of all the children of Newtown.

Michelle is not afraid to do her homework.  Any topic that has come up, she is the first one researching it to ensure that not only she is well informed on the facts, but that the rest of Newtown is as well.  Michelle is not one to rush to judgment, or to make a decision, without first knowing all the facts that are available.  She is open minded and truly listens to every side of an issue, considering both pros and cons.

I truly believe that she is the best candidate for the Board Of Education and I hope you will join me in voting for her.

Thank you,

Karen Kugler

29 Brookwood Drive, Newtown  October 15, 2013


To the Editor:

This letter is in support of Neil K. Chaudhary for Legislative Council. Dr Chaudhary has already served in a temporary appointment to the council, and will do a great job as an elected member.

I had the pleasure of serving with Dr Chaudhary on a town-appointed committee. During this effort, which lasted two years and involved many hours of meetings, Dr Chaudhary displayed a keen interest in learning the facts about all the topics under discussion, and in listening to all points of view. He led a data-intensive effort to investigate an important aspect of the committee’s assignment and produced an extremely professional analysis that became a highlight of the committee’s report. It was clear from his reasoned positions and his votes that he is a rigorously independent thinker.

Throughout this effort, there was no doubt that Dr. Chaudhary was devoting his time and energy out of a true sense of service to his community.

I have complete confidence that he will be an effective, capable and independent member of the Legislative Council.

David A. Shugarts

19 Wendover Road, Newtown   October 15, 2013


To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Mary Ann Jacob for Legislative Council.  I have known Mary Ann as a co-worker at Sandy Hook School for many years.  She has an outstanding ability to manage large projects.  I have witnessed her do so under very difficult circumstances over the last year.  Specifically, her management of the SHS library’s move to Chalk Hill, her organization of the thousands of items donated to SHS, and her representation on the SHS site task force required long-term thinking, the ability to understand many constituencies, a willingness to take on complex, emotionally fraught issues, and a thorough understanding of our local government and school district.  That she was able to see these three tasks to completion is a testament to her tirelessness, intelligence and devotion to our town.

For all these reasons, I feel she should be reelected to the Legislative Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Carlson

6 Ironwood Drive, Sandy Hook October 15, 2013


To the Editor:

The elected position of town clerk is extremely important!  It is not a ceremonial position; it is a position intricate in preserving your property rights. The failure to properly preserve real estate records means your residential real estate could be in jeopardy. Ann LoBosco Benore not only understands modern computer and internet technology, but also will bring all the town records up to date.

Ann is a college graduate from our University of Connecticut, is certified in town clerk procedures, trained the present assistant town clerks, served as an assistant town clerk for more than four years, and is the borough clerk that presents unique circumstances both consistent and challenging for the office holder.

Ann LoBosco Benore does an exceptional job, as she is an exceptionally talented, orderly and qualified candidate for town clerk.  Indeed, she is the candidate of experience, and the candidate best qualified for Newtown to serve as Newtown’s town clerk. She has lived in Newtown for more than 20 years and has two children who have attended the Newtown public schools, participated in athletic sports, attended colleges, and continue to support their mother. Ann presently works for the town’s social services department working to help the most needy in our community. Ann is the town clerk candidate of most experience.  Please consider voting for the candidate of most experience and for your own real estate security. Vote for Ann LoBosco Benore!

For more information you can visit www.newtownctdemocrats.org.  Thank you.


Maureen Crick Owen

16 Tamarack Road, Newtown   October 15, 2013


To the Editor:

I read with a chuckle last week’s Newtown Bee interview of the Republican Town Committee (RTC). As you might recall, the RTC credited itself with everything from taxes, roads and education. Interestingly, taxes need to be worked on, roads could be better and it would be nice to restore our high school to blue ribbon status. Some of us remember those days, a time when there was a Republican- Democrat balance on the Board of Education and the Legislative Council. No doubt we have had some successes, but these successes were collaborative, many even championed by elected Democrats.

Here are some examples: Hawleyville economic development commenced with rezoning – Newtown Zoning Chair, Lilla Dean, Democrat. The consolidation of human resources of town and school district, and computer resource work originated from Democrat, Dan Amaral’s idea of a facilities committee. Democrat, Paul Lundquist co-chaired that committee. The initiating champion of lowering the debt service from 10 percent to 9 percent – Board of Finance member Michael Portnoy, a Democrat.  I could go on, but I think you get the point.

These are trying times and we need a breadth of ideas and energy in addressing the prevailing tasks. No one party has all the answers, or any one person. If our ideas are narrow, or grooved into a same old, same old we are losing that greater ability to do better. We can be even better. We need to be better.  By restoring balance to a more even Republican-Democrat Board of Education and Legislative Council we are taking a page from past successes.

This election we are extremely fortunate to have an all-star selection of Democratic candidates. Space permits me to only mention a few, but I hope you will go to the Newtown Democratic Town Committee website, www.newtownctdemocrats.org to read about all the candidates.

Ann LoBosco Benore  – Town Clerk! Ann is a UConn graduate, has had vast experience as an assistant town clerk, is certified as a clerk, is the borough clerk (a feat in itself) and presently works in social services.  She knows the job of town clerk, well, and knows its importance.

Michelle Embree Ku  - Board of Education!  Michelle has an undergraduate and master’s degree from Brown University, was an instructor at Brown, served on the Charter Review Commission, and has long been involved local education issues. She has children in the school system, and it was Michelle’s idea to publish in The Bee the full page ad of elected officials supporting the budget. This is the out of the box thinking we need.

Laura Main - Board of Education!  Laura has a master’s in education and is a school principal in a nearby town. Not only is she well educated, but like John Vouros, has the hands-on experience with what works in teaching and administration. She is highly knowledgeable in special ed.

I hope my personal representations help shed some light in the November election. 

Thank you,

Jim Gaston

18 Main Street, Newtown              October 16, 2013

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