Letter of Endorsement

To the Editor:

Newtown has been lucky to have John McKinney serve as one of our leaders as our  State Senator.  John is running for Governor in the Republican primary next Tuesday, August 12.  John is a good friend of our community and its people.  I’ll be voting for him and hope you’ll consider doing so as well.

He’s been to bat for Newtown countless times, including helping us fight powerful forces seeking to exploit our natural resources.  Two success stories include John’s involvement in stopping United Water from draining the Pootatuck Aquifer, sending the water out of town, and charging we Newtowners for their efforts. John was also here to help stop the toxic waste dump, an environmental nightmare that was despoiling Pond Brook in Hawleyville.

I’ll be voting for John in the primary.  I hope you’ll vote and consider John, he is man of great character.

Thank you

George Ferguson

P.S. I’m a member of the Legislative Council, and these are my personal thoughts.

Taunton Hill Road, Newtown                        August 6, 2014

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