It Is Unclear What The Voters Want

To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate everyone elected to serve Newtown, and I applaud District Two voters for electing Democratic candidate Lisa Romano to attempt to restore some balance on the Legislative Council.  Lisa was the only candidate elected above and beyond the minimum party representation.  The majority of the seats on the ballot were uncontested and the minority party representation rules ensure that a few Democrats will win a seat on the various boards no matter what.  I hope that in the future, the voters in other districts will look beyond the party line and elect some new faces. 

The Democrats had an uphill battle in this race due to poor voter turnout resulting from most seats being uncontested and Pat Llodra’s well deserved popularity. These favorable conditions guaranteed wins for many Republicans.  The Democrats were also deprived of another seat on the Board of Education when the town attorney ruled against the intent of the minority representation clause in the town charter.  Democratic candidate Laura Main should be on the Board of Education. The intent of the charter was to have four from the majority party and three from the minority party on the Board of Education.  A court case may resolve this issue for the future.  It is crucial that the students, teachers, administrators, other staff and parents are well represented on the Board of Education. 

Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Mary Ann Jacob from District Two stated that “It’s gratifying to know the work we’ve been doing is consistent with what voters want.” It was reported that only 4,438 of the 17,346 registered voters cast their ballots yesterday. I would argue that it is still unclear what the voters want since 12,908 did not make an effort to vote.

The apathy makes it more challenging for the elected to govern however it is the duty of the elected to attempt to represent all in Newtown. 

Po Murray

38 Charter Ridge Drive, Sandy Hook         November 6, 2013

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