Information Important To Seniors

To the Editor:

 The founders and staff of the Newtown League of Senior Voters have organized an important meeting at 6 pm on the 16th of April. All seniors are invited to attend.

We have in the last 10 months attended many of the Newtown's meeting to listen and participate in the discussion seeking to bring another perspective relative to the concerns that seniors have expressed in the past few months. We would like to share this information at the meeting.

 The first part of the meeting will give time to John Kortze who will briefly discuss the upcoming budget. Afterwards, we will have our senior meeting to explain what we feel we have accomplished and what challenges we face going forward.

It is very important to remember that senior need to be well informed because they represent a very significant segment of Newtown's population. Our goal continues to be to get proper recognition and resolution of the challenges facing this community.

 We ask you to set aside the time to attend on April 16th at 6 pm. Your participation at this meeting will be sought.

Thank you,

Rudy Magnan

50 Watkins Drive, Sandy Hook                          April 9, 2014

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