Increased Police Presence At All Schools On Monday

On Friday, November 22, Dr John Reed, Interim Superintendent of Schools in Newtown, issued a message to parents and staff, notifying them that the Newtown Police Department had informed him to expect increased police presence at each of Newtown’s schools on Monday, November 25. The added police presence is in response to an expected influx of media and increased traffic in town when the State Attorney report on the 12/14 incident is released. That release is scheduled for Monday, November 25, at 3 pm.

Officers from area departments would assist Newtown Police in staffing the schools, according to Dr Reed’s e-mail.

Chalk Hill School, now Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Monroe, would have a perimeter control on Monday, staffed by the Monroe Police Department, he said.

Dr Reed’s e-mail also cautioned parents and staff regarding the “violent computer simulation (flash) game, which allows users to re-enact the horrific events of the Sandy Hook tragedy” that is circulating online.

“Exposure to this game could have a very harmful impact on children viewing it. By supporting one another we will work our way through these challenging circumstances,” said Dr Reed.

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