How Can Newtown Let The ‘Healing’ Stop?

To the Editor:

I don't need 500 words to express the following sentiment – or to ask the following question(s): For the past four months, the entire nation – and much of the world – has focused energy” and donated a great deal of money for the expressed purpose of “healing Newtown.” In a pinch, the space housing "HealingNewtown Through The Arts" was created, and has been devoted to the cause of “healing” ever since...and with great success.  I wrote a letter in March with this in mind. The space has become,  not only a central location for healing, but also a “mecca” for a community, wallowing in pain following a staggering tragedy! And, yet I read in the paper, that the space has been leased to a retail business – a move which has been in the process for a long time.

With all the concern and millions of dollars sent here for the purpose of healing, how could this town ignore the obvious healing which has been taking place, and allow the space to be leased? Where's the outrage about this priceless organization in the already perfect location having to move, and having to solicit donations to do it?! 

Does this make no sense to anyone else?

Michael Luzzi

  173 Boggs Hill, Newtown                      May 15, 2013

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