Hovey Says Lanza Investigation Information Release Showed Poor Judgment

State Rep. Debralee Hovey (R-112) reacted Wednesday with “shock and dismay” at revelations that important, sensitive information related to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was released during a law enforcement conference before the families and victims were notified.

A report in the New York Daily News published Sunday, March 17, provided details from a “law enforcement veteran” present at the International Association of Police Chiefs and Colonels meeting in New Orleans where Connecticut State Police Col. Danny Stebbins released sensitive information related to the Sandy Hook shooting. Col. Stebbins spoke about a detailed spreadsheet, referred to as a score sheet, allegedly compiled by the gunman before the massacre.

“In the strongest terms I reject the explanation from the State Police and Col. Danny Stebbins related to this incredibly insensitive release of information,” Rep. Hovey said.  “The families and victims of this horrific act deserve the respect to be notified in advance of any and all releases of information.  The fact Col. Stebbins chose to share details with a conference before families were notified and before any official findings have been released shows incredibly poor judgment and is unconscionable.”

Rep Hovey also noted that “the people of Newtown and the lawmakers on the bipartisan task force who are crafting legislation on gun control, mental health and school security – legislation that will affect the entire state – must have access to all of the official facts.  The first time they see this should not be in the newspaper.”

After several news stories appeared on the matter, the Connecticut State Police released a statement acknowledging, according to Rep Hovey, that the incident indeed took place and that no further information would be forthcoming until the official report is completed.  The statement said the official report could still be months away.

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