Hindi Cultural Celebration Comes To Newtown

Photo: John Voket

Alisha Aggarwal is flanked by many young students of the Greater Danbury Hindi Learning Center as she poses with an electric Vina as Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, music, and arts.

The colors, music, foods, and dance of the Hindi culture arrived at Edmond Town Hall on May 11 as the annual celebration of the Greater Danbury Hindi Learning Center drew nearly 100 people to the Alexandria Room.

According to school spokesperson Madhuri Jerfy, the event is the culmination of the school year, meant to showcase and recognize the achievements of the children and students who have been part of the program in recent months. 

Approximately 40 children were present, showcasing to their families and friends a variety of entertaining routines and speeches highlighting the Hindi language skills they learned. 

Based on ages and learning levels, students’ conversational to advanced language skills and cultural rituals were presented in poems, riddles, nursery rhymes, traditional and modern plays, a Hindu prayer, a salute to Bollywood, along with classical dances and songs. 

Following the show each student received recognition of his or her hard work during the year with certificates and trophies.

Ms Jerfy said the center’s focus is to share and teach the Hindi language and Indian culture.

“The language program is primarily for children ages 7 and up,” she said. “But based on an individual child’s interests, dedication, and parental support, occasionally a younger student may enroll.  We recommend children age 3 and up participate in the cultural program.”

The center accommodates children of different cultures who are not of Indian origin, encouraging all interested children to join in cultural activities. Those who are serious about studying the language are welcome to enroll.

Regular class sessions run from late fall to early spring and intensive summer sessions are offered.  For information, contact Newtown resident and academy teacher Kishori Barman at 203-426-0108

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