Help NUSAR Keep Newtown Safe

To the Editor:

For over 20 years we, the men and women of NUSAR [Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue], have been providing emergency water rescue services and water safety instruction to Newtown and our neighboring communities. With so many lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in our area, NUSAR is a vital link in our region’s chain of first responders.

NUSAR team members are area residents whose talents and dedication are bolstered by year-round training and professional development. We are all volunteers, but we strive to reach the same levels of professionalism and performance as any water rescue team in the state. We’re on call around the clock, year-round, ready to respond to any water-based emergency.

Visit our website – nusar.org – or find us on Facebook to learn more about our members and the quality services we provide.

Each year, we ask you to help us with the cost of training and equipping our dive team.

All donations are 100-percent tax-deductible and go directly to NUSAR.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in safety,

Nicholas J. Kopcik, President

Michael D. McCarthy, Chief


PO Box 3203, Newtown CT 06470     March 15, 2013   

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