Gun Confiscation Leads To Genocide

To the Editor,

Mr Loerzel suggested last week in his letter that I perhaps move to some other “civilized society” where there is no gun ownership and “considerable less gun violence.”

Gun confiscation leads to genocide. Here are the historical facts. The following are “civilized” countries that confiscated guns from the populace and the resulting murders that followed: Turkey 1915-1917 1.5 million dead; Soviet Union 1929-1953 20 million dead; Nazi Germany 1933-1945 13 million dead; China 1949-1976 20 million dead; Guatemala 1960-1981 100,000 dead; Uganda 1971-1979 300,000 dead; Cambodia 1975-1979 one million dead.

Who can forget all those infamous names: Uncle Joe Stalin, Lenin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Castro, and let’s not forget the colorful Idi Amin. Just a few butchers from days gone by that needed to disarm their citizens before they could carry out their despicable atrocities. 

This is a partial list of what a tyrannical authoritarian government can do to their citizens; 260 million people perished at the hands of their own governments in the past 100 years.  Mexico banned guns 100 years ago but has the distinction of having the most gun related deaths on earth. Conversely, Switzerland, where gun ownership is mandatory, has the lowest crime rate in the world. Countries and states with the most pro-gun laws have the lowest crime rates. I know these facts are hard for liberals to grasp.

It’s hard to reconcile the Sandy Hook tragedy with the right to own semi-automatic guns. Most of us that have children (or don’t have children) cannot comprehend the pain endured by all involved in that tragic incident. Our first reaction is to get rid of those “assault rifles.”  But there are very many children yet to be born and we cannot lose sight of why our founders demanded our right to bear arms. We must focus on the future, the future of our children, and their right to defend themselves against a government that may decide, someday, that they don’t quite agree with our children’s definition of liberty and freedom. Let not the United States be added to the aforementioned list.

I’m all for gun control. I think the renegade Department of Homeland Security should disband their purchase of two billion rounds of hollow point bullets, 2,700 armored assault vehicles, and 2,400 machine guns, all designed to be used against civilians. DHS is not controlled by the military but by the executive branch. I wonder what those folks are up to. If you don’t trust your neighbor and friends with firearms, then why on earth would you trust the government?   

Mr Loerzel, I will not move from this great country, home of individual rights, liberty, personal responsibility, property rights, and our right to bear arms. If you don’t agree with the Second Amendment then perhaps it is you that should be packing your bags. I recommend Mexico, a nice civilized country where gun ownership is not allowed.

Nicholas Barzetti

55 Flat Swamp Road, Newtown             April 2, 2013

(Editor's note: This letter was corrected by its author at 3 pm 4/3/13 to reflect the actually number of people killed in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979.)

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Thank you Nick !

Facts do not lie, politicians do.

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