A Great Location For Healing

To the Editor:

Last Saturday, the “Open Mic”event at the Healing Newtown Through the Arts Center was a total treat on a number of levels. The presentations were as varied as the ages and genres of the performers. Musicians of all sizes, shapes, energies, backgrounds, and proficiencies gathered to share their gifts and their commitment to the underlying expressed purpose of “healing.”  Mission accomplished.

But I think “Mission Accomplished” is a premature reference. Mission Enhanced? Mission Maintained? Mission Boosted? Mission Continued? So many appropriate phrases to describe the evening.  The expression that that occurred to me was “Mission Revealed.”

I spent as much time soaking up the collective love, energy, passion, devotion, and genuine community interaction in that space as I did appreciating the multi-talented performers. I was temporarily struck dumb – but struck dumb with delight! Without intending to be mystical or melodramatic, I felt like I had an epiphany.

If what was occurring spontaneously and continuously in that space wasn’t “healing,” then I don’t know what healing is all about. I was virtually floating like a helium party balloon, just looking around, taking it all in. 

And then, the equivalent of a gigantic pin popped me from behind and exploded my head!

The announcement came that the space was only “ours” for two more weeks.  It had been leased....

I was referred to the website by someone better informed than I... I Googled and read (in part):

“Numerous people and institutions from all over are eager to support the children and families in Newtown and specifically through the arts.  We offer free arts programs and workshops now and we hope to continue well into the future.  Our current location is temporary, ...  We are also seeking a more permant(sic) home to continue what we've started!”

Wait a minute! Haven’t I read repeatedly about the millions of dollars of donations sent to help Newtown “heal.”? 

I want to state for the record, I am not intending to do anything but point something out, and raise a question. This is the best location this town could have wanted. Large, close to everything! And now has a proven record of efficacy that I don’t believe anyone could have projected.  What would be wrong with using however many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of those dollars to lease this space for one -or even two - years given that it is doing even more than it was intended for?  Look up “efficacy”; look up “healing”; look up “mistake.”

I hope someone will clarify and publicly address this issue. Thank you

Michael Luzzi

173 Boggs Hill Road            April 3, 2013

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Couldn't agree more. Why not lease this excellent space and keep it as a permanent community asset?

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