Giving Seniors A Voice

To the Editor:

 The newly formed Newtown League of Senior Voters is scheduled to meet with town officials at 7 pm on October 15th at the high school in order to bring greater awareness and discussion related to the property valuations and sharp increase in real estate taxes imposed on the senior condo owners. These 400 families will ask the town to provide an equitable tax reduction as do other neighboring towns like Redding, Easton, Trumbull etc.

 The seniors in Newtown, who make up 36 percent of the voting population, plan to exercise their guaranteed rights of free speech, assembly, petition and right to vote in getting the attention and recognition they deserve. The inequities that they have experienced in trying to remedy their plight has led to the formation of this coalition whose voting impact will be evidenced not only in future referendums and budget votes, election of officials, but also in upcoming public town meetings.

 There are also many non-condo owners who wish to join the coalition due to the out-of-control town spending on education and other services. As one of the founders of this coalition, I invite all Newtown seniors to attend the Tuesday meeting at 7 pm on the October 15th, 2013 at the high school. Come and sign our petition and join our coalition to exercise a powerful  new voice that has been silent too long.

Rudy Magnan

60 Watkins Drive, Sandy Hook                   October 2, 2013

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