A Generous Grant From GE

To the Editor:

On behalf of both the Newtown Parks and Recreation Commission and the Commission on Aging we would like to thank General Electric (GE) and the GE families across Newtown for their generous grant and consideration in funding the development of the much needed and long desired, multi-generational community center to address the needs of Newtown’s youth and seniors.  This vision of a combined Parks and Rec and Senior Center facility has been sought after for almost 10 years now, and the requirements definition, planning and preliminary design work have been ongoing and carefully evolving.

As First Selectman Pat Llodra, indicated in her acceptance of the grant, we have been tasked with moving forward expeditiously and are organized with a team already in-place to execute. The planning work now underway builds upon the earlier efforts across 2000 by the two commissions to develop an all-encompassing proposal for pools and Parks and Rec and senior facilities, incorporating new programs and expanded exercise capabilities.

Once again, our deepest and sincerest thanks to GE in enabling this vision to move toward a near term reality.

Ed Marks


Newtown Parks & Recreation Commission

Curt Symes


Newtown Commission on Aging

3 Primrose Street, Newtown                    December 3, 2013

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