Generosity Grows In The Victory Garden

To the Editor:

I’m writing on behalf of the management and residents of Nunnawauk Meadows to express our special thanks to Harvey Pessin, Victory Garden Director, and all of the hard-working volunteers who helped plant, harvest and deliver the delicious vegetables from the Victory Garden during these past few months.

Even the unpredictable weather couldn’t prevent these tireless workers from distributing all the salvageable produce to Newtown’s families in need. The members of the Nunnawauk Meadows community are very appreciative of the time and effort spent to include them in the Victory Garden’s distribution plans.  The deliveries not only enhanced their quality of life but also demonstrated the compassion of their neighbors.

We truly appreciate your support of Newtown’s senior and disabled residents and wish you continued success with the Victory Garden in the years to come.


Linda E. Manganaro

Executive Director

Nunnawauk Meadows

3 Nunnawauk Road, Newtown                     November 6, 2013

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