Funding On Foot

To the Editor:

 I’d like to extend my thanks to my fellow Sandy Hook Sole Sisters – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – NYC team and everyone who helped us!

Last week, 18 of your friends and neighbors joined another 50 women from Rye, NY. Together, we laced up our sneakers and donned high-tech “anti-blister” socks and spent two days walking to help fund breast cancer research, awareness and support. Many of you furthered our efforts by helping with or attending fundraising events or donating to our personal or team funds to raise the required $1,800 per participant. In total, the NYC event raised over $6 million!

For many, the inspiration to walk was borne both in honor of those we lost on 12/14 and a desire to “give back” and of course, in memory or in honor of our family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. Altruism is very cathartic and simply stated – it felt good to do good. This was such a unifying, empowering and positive experience, refreshingly devoid of and distracting from any and all things divisive. I will be forever grateful for these new friendships and our sunrise walking “group therapy” sessions.

An extra special thanks to five members of our team – each cancer survivors, angels on Earth and all around amazing women. You taught us all so much about determination, the value of a good laugh and the power of resilience through both grit and grace. Thank you for your courage and compassion. Thank you for sharing your stories and opening your hearts. But most of all, thank you for giving us a very precious gift – hope.

So to our angels in heaven and to those who still walk among us – while I have not walked a mile in your shoes…it was a humbling privilege to walk 40 in your honor.  

Hope to see more of us walking next October!

Aimee M. Tabor

44 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook         October 30, 2013

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