Forgetting To Remember

To the Editor:

I will never forget the morning of 9/11.  My guess is that most of you remember how beautiful and blue the sky was that day and exactly where you were.  I am sure that many of you knew someone affected on that horrible day.  Our children were toddlers, their memories of September 11 are really ours, but it is their history.  The war that ensued is their history, some have siblings who are fighting for our country.

I was shocked and disappointed to find that there was not a moment of silence at the high school to honor the victims and give our children a moment to reflect.  I'm not sure if this was a district wide decision or school by school but lets make sure in the future that we honor those lost by this very small gesture.

Maura Fletcher

39 Deep Brook Road, Newtown   September 12, 2013

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