Don’t Scale Back Beneficial School Programs

To the Editor:

As a parent and taxpayer, I am disappointed to read Trent Harrison's comments regarding overlapping programs and initiatives in the article "Concerns Aired:  Teachers Offer 'State of The Union'" published Saturday, May 24th.  

Personally, my son in first grade has benefited greatly from having a teacher trained in Responsive Classroom. The classroom techniques she implemented diminished his anxiety and increased interpersonal relationships between classmates. In conjunction with Responsive Classroom, she used Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support to improve behavioral concerns and prevent behaviors from impacting his academics.  My son enjoys Readers and Writers Workshop and throughout the year we have seen incredible language arts growth. Stepping Stones math is wonderful.  The curriculum incorporates literature into math, as well as visual and online components. The workbook is colorful and bright. He loves math, is excelling and proud of his work. 

Beneficial programs and initiatives should not be reduced.   That solution only hurts the people we as a community care the most about; our children.  The Board of Education must be committed to providing our valuable teachers with ample days to prepare, sufficient training, appropriate technology, reasonable funding and adequate classroom time.  When our teachers are successful, our children are successful and only then is our community a success. 

Alisa Robinson

16 Rowledge Pond Road, Sandy Hook             May 29, 2014   

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