Don’t Forget To Vote

To the Editor:

Please take a few minutes this Saturday to cast your vote regarding the building of a new Sandy Hook School. In our busy lives it is easy to miss, especially on a Saturday, but this referendum is critical for so many people and for many reasons.

Aside from the emotional issues that we all feel, the business reality is that if this vote fails, there is no second, third, or fourth referendum vote. The money offered by the state will go away and with it the opportunity to get our Sandy Hook students and teachers back here in town.  A failed referendum will likely mean that all of our kids will be redistricted and class size will increase to accommodate that. That's a lot of kids to put into the three remaining elementary schools!

Ensure that our Sandy Hook kids and teachers get what they so deserve and vote Yes on Saturday!

Lisa Wallace

43 Mile Hill South, Newtown                        October 2, 2013

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