Did Psychiatric Drugs Play A Role?

To the Editor:

Ablechild.org is a national recognized nonprofit parent organization that is focused on informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric screening and treatments, i.e. [drugs]. I joined this organization over 13 years ago in an effort to be a voice for parents who have not been given full informed consent before placing their children onto psychiatric drugs, i.e., documented risks.

Parents are not being warned that there are dozens of international drug regulatory agencies warnings on the drugs prescribed to children including worsening depression, mania, psychosis, violence, suicidal and homicidal ideation to name but a few.

Parents have a right to know if this shooting was yet another in a long list of violent acts committed by an individual under the influence of psychiatric drugs.

We are gathering signatures from Newtown residents that support the public’s right to know the facts about this case.

Ablechild will be at various locations around town with the petition and will be in the heart of Sandy Hook at the Iron Bridge at 100 Church Hill Road this weekend. Please support our efforts to get these toxicology reports released to the public without any further delay.

Thank you,

Patricia Sabato

18 Washington Avenue, Sandy Hook            February 27, 2013

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