Definition Clarification

 To the Editor:

Over the years, anti-Second Amendment activists and proponents of strict gun control have come up with some silly, misleading sound bites aimed at the emotions of the misinformed: “cop killer bullets,” “Saturday night specials,” “dangerous assault weapons.”

I will address the assault weapons.  Back before the last so-called assault weapons ban, which clouded the definition of the term, an assault weapon was defined as a military rifle with a selector switch to enable the user to fire the rifle in either a semi-automatic mode, one shot per trigger pull or a fully automatic mode, continuous rapid fire while the trigger is pulled.

Semi-automatic rifles were introduced more than 100 years ago.  The Winchester Model 1907 and the Remington Model 8 were both magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles.  They were used by hunters and law enforcement alike.  Today’s semiautomatic firearms work in exactly the same manner as those of a hundred years ago.  The large majority of firearms protecting millions of American homes and families are semi-automatic.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  It’s all about defending oneself, family and loved ones.  Law enforcement is not present when a home invasion occurs such as in Cheshire where the Petit family was so brutalized.  Crime rarely happens when law enforcement is present.

Well-intentioned, misleading, feel good laws will not prevent tragedies.  Restricting semi-automatic firearms, that have been protecting homes and loved ones for over 100 years will only embolden the criminal element and disadvantage the law abiding citizen.

Paul Ludanyi

40 Old Bethel Road, Newtown                    March 20, 2013

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