A Dangerous Bus Maneuver

To the Editor:

I noticed in the published public school bus routes for the new school year, that they now note some stops with the word U-Turn. This is scary.

My three daughters are in the Newtown school district and get on buses that do a three point U turn at Webster Place and Shut Road.

The bus comes down Shut Road passes Webster Place, stops, then backs up into Webster place then goes forward and makes a right turn back at Shut Road.

This maneuver looks illegal. It's dangerous and risky. Backing up a bus where children are gathering and playing is dangerous enough, but to turn while backing up into another street?

This practice began just last year. Before the bus continued around the horseshoe Webster Place, picking up children on the way.

With this new method, the question needs to be asked: Is saving time or saving costs really worth endangering our children for?

I urge the Newtown school administration  and the All Star Bus Co. to review this practice ASAP before someone is hurt.

Tod Wassmer

21 Webster Place, Newtown                       August 28, 2013

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In Agreement

I think it did not come through that I am in agreement with you, just pointing out they have been doing this for years and I do not see any other solution as they do not drop children off at the end of dead end streets any more but go down dropping off at each driveway. also all the parents who wait for their children then back up to drive home.

Thank You

Cshaw1 ....thank you for agreeing with my letter to the editor regarding the bus maneuver. The streets near my home in question are no dead ends but are on a horses shoe which allows easy forward driving without have to turn around or back up. I have asked the new bus company All Star Transportation to review and they have promised to come and look at the situation.
We will see if they are truly All Stars.

New or not

Regardless how new the maneuver is , whether it started yesterday or years ago, driving a bus backwards around small children is a recipe for disaster.

Not a New Manuever

This is not a new maneuver. Busses have been stopping, backing up and turning around for years on Sturges and Wildcat Roads. It is the result of schoolchildren not being able to walk down the street anymore but must be dropped off close to home.

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