Confusion Over Federal ‘Recovery’ Grant Application Clarified

Newtown officials hope to receive about $4.3 million from a US Department of Justice grant that is being administered through the Connecticut Judicial Department’s Office of Victim Services (OVS).
The total amount of that grant application stood at about $8 million as The Newtown Bee went to press February 20, according to an OVS spokesperson.
The grant, which officials initially hoped would be ready to submit this week, will be delayed by about a week as the remaining agencies and organizations applying for part of the $4 million balance submit final documentation, and the OVS refines the total based on other logistical issues, according to Linda Cimino.
Even Newtown’s portion of the grant is still in its final stages of editing First Selectman Pat Llodra informed The Bee Thursday. She also clarified that while funds are intended for Newtown’s recovery and resiliency effort as part of the “consequence” portion of the application, numerous other organizations are joining in because they are already, or plan to be, part of that overall recovery plan.
The first selectman also clarified that the overall grant application is not being administered by Newtown, but by the OVS at the state level. The OVS is technically the transfer agent or agency through which awarded funding will pass to the various applicants that may be eventually approved at the federal level.
Among the other participating applicants are:
*St Rose of Lima — to underwrite additional building hardening measures
*The Newtown Resiliency Center — for ongoing therapy and to launch several nontraditional programs supporting community recovery
*The United Way of Western Connecticut — to cover back office administration it has been providing on several fronts since 12/14
*Wellmore — a key regional mental health agency that responded on 12/14 to identify and support immediate victims’ families and Sandy Hook staff. Wellmore hopes to establish a satellite office in Newtown
Newtown hopes to devote approximately $2.1 million to establishing a comprehensive resiliency plan including infrastructure and staff; to spend just under $100,000 for special communication equipment for Newtown schools, except the soon-to-be-built Sandy Hook School; about $1.3 million for Newtown school district building hardening measures; and the balance of about $600,000 for various other 12/14-related recovery expenses.
Both Mrs Llodra and Ms Cimino stressed that the application is complex and that any calculations related to specific programs are still subject to change.
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