"Come Have Coffee," And Conversation

Come Have Coffee is a small support group that meets once weekly at Sandy Hook Deli & Catering, 102 Church Hill Road in Sandy Hook Center.

This is not a therapy session, just a chance for anyone who would like to meet up with others and talk, or not talk (just listen) about the events of 12/14 and how they and others are doing in the aftermath.

The group is nonpolitical. It was started by two women who have children in the Newtown schools; one has been a nurse for two decades, and volunteer as a reiki master at Ann’s Place for a few years.

There is no charge to attend. Any food or drink purchases at the deli are covered by each guest.

Find the group’s page on Facebook (Come Have Coffee) or call 203-209-0731 for additional information, including each week’s scheduled date and time to meet. The group generally meets on Tuesdays at 9:30 am.

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