Choosing Love, But Not Politics

To the Editor:

By now, you are all familiar with the green and white “We Are Sandy Hook – We Choose Love” signs that hang in homes and shop windows all over our area. This initiative was started as an expression of pride in our community and in our determination to provide support to one another in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, an unknown individual has been distributing signs that closely copy our design, but state “We Are Newtown – We Choose Freedom,” and list the name of a firearms-related organization. The organization’s name does not appear in internet searches.

What this individual does not seem to understand is that The Sandy Hook Project is a non-political organization. Our sole purpose is to provide support to those seeking of counseling and help dealing with the aftermath of 12/14. To this end, we do not take part in political discussions, and as an organization have no opinion on political issues. In fact, our board of directors includes responsible gun owners and individuals on both sides of the firearms issue.

By choosing to copy our logo design, this person has made it more difficult for us to carry out our stated mission, and has negatively impacted the community. We sincerely hope that they stop distributing this sign. There are plenty of ways to voice a political opinion in a more responsible manner.

For further questions or comments, please see the “Contact Us” page of our website: www.sandyhookwechooselove.org

Lastly, we’d like to offer our sincere thanks to the good people of Newtown and all who came out to support us at the Labor Day parade. Your generosity will help us to provide funding for mental health counseling for those affected by 12/14. Thank you for choosing love.

Timothy Stan

Founder, The Sandy Hook Project, Inc.

PO Box 62, Newtown             September 10, 2013

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