Children Find Connections At HealingNewtown

To the Editor:

I am the founder of Voices For Heroes. I have to tell everyone about my experience with  HealingNewtown Art Space. Evan and I, at Voices For Heroes, have been trying to sell a tribute CD for Newtown to help fund HealingNewtown Art Space.  While the sales are slow, there is nothing we can do, as we watch HealingNewtown lose their space.

The thing is, I have been to the events at HN and saw the great reaction from the children.  The music, the art, the visitors and the strength that comes from pulling together to make a difference brings the community together like nothing else can.  While there is art all around us on the walls, music playing, singers singing, teenagers sharing their talents up on stage, there are young children either dancing, laughing with each other or coloring with crayons, glue and glitter...lots of glitter.   There are parents meeting new friends, spending time with neighbors and there are children learning the importance of community.

I took my granddaughter to an ages 1-7 music event.  She was 19 months old and was so taken in by the songs of learning for children, she was hugging everyone, dancing, singing and simply enjoyed the few hours of togetherness. I think she felt it so strongly, she began to connect to all the other children; even the older ones.  I have a video of her dancing, stopping, moving over to a young girl (about seven years old). Madison took her hand, put it to the little girls back and gently rubbed her back.  It was as if she said, “I know you are having a hard time, But I am glad to see you here, enjoying the music...with me.”  It was so touching, it brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to my heart that I will never forget.  I would continue to take her to every event I possibly could if  HealingNewtown were to have a space. 

I am sure this letter is not just my voice.  I am willing to bet, there are many, many people that feel the same way as I. Thank you HealingNewtown!  You rock!!


Denise Labrecque

Voices For Heroes


118 Capitol Avenue,. Waterbury     May 15, 2013

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