Carl Saunders’ Prayer for Peace

O Lord, Father of All Men, We come to Thee in humble supplication.

Thou knowest we have strayed much from Thy laws.

Yet, O God, Thou hast blessed us abundantly, and our children.

Thankful for these blessings and hopeful in the promise of Thy forgiveness, we now beseech Thy special guidance and care.

Again in this world of mortal men wars and threats of wars beset us.

Jealousies and rivalries of nations plague us.

Fears are all about us.

We turn to Thee, O God, to ask that in Thy good time peace may be restored to all nations of men.

We ask that men may live together in understanding and respect.

We ask that governments may rule in Thy wisdom.

We ask that intolerance, bigotry, and greed as between nations, and men, and races, may be overcome by the force of Thy will.

We ask that this United States and its people may be guided by Thee and that its mothers may be spared the sorrows and its sons the sacrifices of further wars.

Bless our leaders with wisdom.

Show us the way to better understanding one with another among our own people.

To that end we seek Thy benediction and light, ready always in faith that Thy will be done and confident that in the end Thy good purpose will triumph. Amen.

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