Caring For ‘The Rock of Angels’

To the Editor:

I write this after having just viewed a television piece on the furor caused by the disposal of items left at a cemetery in another Connecticut town.

 From the outset of the arrival of “The Rock” [memorial monument behind St John’s Church in Sandy Hook], I have requested that one “leave only thoughts and prayers.” What certainly is well intended, becomes refuse. Flowers and pumpkins rot and stuffed animals get rained upon, become mildewed and also rot. These items have already permanently stained the concrete base. Smaller items get blown about the grassed area by Mother Nature.

 The request was made by both the creators of the monument as well as Saint John’s Episcopal Church itself. When I voiced these concerns via social media, it actually was met with one lady’s barrage of obscenities. Even a visual sign requesting thoughts and prayers only which cost $23 to have constructed was removed from the site.

I fully understand the heartfelt feelings to leave some memento. However, I am the garbage man. Anything left shall be removed! Would it not be better and a wiser decision to perhaps bring the teddy bear to an infirmed child in a hospital or give it to a police officer to put in the trunk of a cruiser so to calm and console a child in harm’s way? Wouldn’t flowers be better on a table at the Senior Center or on the desk of a classroom teacher?

Have Garbage Bag Will Travel

Sam Mihailoff

54 Lakeview Terrace, Sandy Hook             April 14, 2014

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