A Caring Reporter

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment the feature writer, Nancy K. Crevier, for The Newtown Bee. The interview with me, the interview with my friend Dr Thomas Gaskin, and the photographs that were on the front page were excellent. My interview with her was like talking with my best friend. I was able to express myself like I never though I could to tell her the story of the deaths of the four little girls killed in the Birmingham church bombing in 1963. Ms Crevier certainly has the talent for the job that she does so well.

Our town is so blessed to have such a caring reporter who took two hours of her time to get the story from me. At the end of the interview I did feel like a part of history as bad as it was at the time in 1963.

The Newtown Bee is there for our town through good and bad times. My family and I thank all of the staff for all that is done to get the stories out there. Thank you for giving those reporters opportunity to give us those stories that are happy and those stories that are painful and sad. We have had a subscription for The Newtown Bee for 35 years and look forward to each issue.


Nan Morrow

Old Bethel Road, Newtown              October 23, 2013

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