A Caring Community

To the Editor:

On August 11, my 71-year-old uncle went missing from our home on Hattertown Road. He was later found on August 12, 2½ miles from our home on Head O’ Meadow Road.

I never knew of a community that had such caring, concerned and compassionate people as Newtown. There were people stopping at our home asking if they could help. There were people physically looking (even after a hard day at work). To all of you we say Thank You.

To the Newtown Police, Dodgingtown Fire Company, State Police and the K-9 dogs, without your dedication, knowledge, compassion, and understanding (especially keeping me calm, which is not easy), we say Thank You.

Again, without all of you that were involved, my uncle would not have been found.

Thank you and God Bless You All

Wayne and Shannan Simko

162 Hattertown Road, Newtown                  August 13, 2014

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