Bumpy Roads In Newtown

To the Editor:

It is now only possible to navigate Queen Street, from Glover Avenue to Wasserman Way, by slowing to between 10-15 mph and exposing your vehicles suspension to a constant test of strength, thanks to the addition of even more bumps, humps and obstacles. Queen Street residents between Glover and Wasserman are one step closer to the private, controlled street they apparently desire.  I only wonder, half in jest, when the town will add entry gates at either end of Queen Street, with only residents of the area permitted to scan their ID Cards to gain entry, and create a “gated community”?  Think it far fetched?  Did you ever expect that so many bumps, humps and obstacles would be imposed upon you, each trip you make on Queen Street?

Unfortunately, we have endured, and continue to endure, many serious and tragic bumps, humps and obstacles this year in Newtown. In but a “Simple Twist of Fate” (apologies to Bob Dylan), a national special interest group, that has filed a federal lawsuit using legislative procedural grounds to attack the lawfulness of the Connecticut gun-control law passed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, is housed in Newtown at the corner of Queen Street and Wasserman Way.

Ironically, when traveling Queen Street, from Glover to Wasserman, and after enduring bumps, humps and obstacles, you end up at the doorstep of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the organization that seeks to reverse the gun control laws. Both the practical and emotional roads are bumpy in Newtown these days ... just journey down Queen Street, and look right at the corner of Wasserman Way.


Richard A. English

3 Curry Drive, Newtown                    July 12, 2013

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Corruption lives in Newtown, CT and nobody cares or stops it

How much money? How much inconvenience? It is like the driveway scandal in Bridgeport, the well connected pulling strings for each other all while using taxpayer money.

Queen St road bumps

I totally agree! Why should we have to slow down 5 times down to 10 MPH when the speed limit on this street is 25? The person who owns Patients Farm did a great job of restoring it, but he knowingly bought a house on one of main arteries to get across town. Why should I have to slow down twice on his property alone? Because he was in charge of the Fairfield Hills project?
the only place that needs a speed bump is in front of Merry Hill. Although it is a total waste of taxpayer money, the town should grind down all the other speed bumps or let them wear down and never build them back up again.

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