Brotherhood Among Police Officers

To the Editor:

On Monday night approximately 100 police officers from 20 departments around the state had the opportunity to play a game of touch football on the field at MetLife Stadium. It was a wonderful way for our union to say thanks to our fellow officers for all the assistance given to us after 12/14.

The union would like to thank the NY Giants for donating the field time and for providing dinner. They are truly a class organization. This event would not have been possible if it wasn't for the work of  Giants great Joe Morris and Sandy Hook resident Eileen Byrnes. The union would also like to thank Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs and Linda Antignani from Stratford for working to make this such a resounding success.

Thanks also go to Excel Sportswear of  Trafford, Pa., Bigelow Tea Company, Stop and Shop, Hearts of Hope and Unilever for their donations. Thanks also to Carlo's Bakery of Hoboken, N. J. for donating a cake.   Thanks to Harry Carson for taking the time to be with the officers.

WFSB came to town and filmed several of our members expressing their gratitude for all the support given to them by other departments. A video of those remarks was shown Monday night.

After the school shooting, the Newtown police department worked shoulder to shoulder with officers from throughout the state under difficult, grim circumstances. It was wonderful to be with these officers again at a gathering that was fun and festive. Sharing this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity with them was a night that will not quickly be forgotten.

Those of us in law enforcement talk of a brotherhood among officers and the support shown in Newtown in December was that brotherhood in action.  Everyone at the stadium Monday night had a  great night and we are glad to have the opportunity to say thanks for that brotherhood.


Scott Ruszczyk

Newtown Police Union President

3 Main Street, Newtown                    October 15, 2013

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