Brooklyn Artist To Be At Library Tonight For Creative Art Workshop

On Thursday, April 18, Regina Rayzvikh, president and founder of Regina’s Art Center, is scheduled to deliver a two hour instructional and creative art workshop for families of Newtown. The event will take place in the Children’s Story Time room at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street.

The instruction provided by Regina Rayzvikh is her donation of time and talent to the children and their parents as an expression of support and assistance to the families of Newtown who have suffered loss, trauma and devastation, and who find self expression through art to be a comfort and an enjoyable experience to be shared by everyone who attends.

Regina’s Art Center, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., provides family oriented and shared art workshops and classes that are all inclusive to community members with or without learning differences or disabilities. The classes are designed to recognize and capture the unique talent of each child and their inner spirit while allowing children to freely create their artwork with dedicated and detailed instruction and care offered by Ms Rayzvikh.

All Newtown families are invited to share this week’s artful experience between 6 and 8 pm. Ms Rayzvikh is planning to continue offering programs in town until May 9; additional information about these programs will also be available at tonight’s workshop.

For additional information call 917-748-0773, send email to info@reginasartcenter.org, or visit reginasartcenter.org.

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