Botsford Summer Bash Draws A Crowd

Photo: Kendra Bobowick

Mary Bragaa, left, and Fran Pizighelli raised money with a raffle during the annual Botsford Fire & Rescue Summer Bash on August 23. 

From The Rolling Stones to Avicii, music skipped decades Saturday night while Fast Ricky members entertained a crowd at the Botsford Fire House. Lisa Paloian danced with her son Mikey and inside the garage bays at folding tables, guests enjoyed dinner. Additional guests ate outdoors beneath shade tents with a seat closer to the band.

On Saturday, August 23, the annual Botsford Fire & Rescue Summer Bash Fundraiser to support fire company functions saw a crowd of supporters join the evening of food and music between 4 and 10 pm.

Doing their own boot drive among guests Saturday were Mary Braga and Fran Pizighelli, wives of firefighters, who wanted to help support their firemen, they said.

Also out in support and on their feet and dancing were Linette Navarette and Lori Canal. The two jumped as the band played through a song and shouted, “jump, jump, jump.”

Sitting with their corn on the cob and stuffed animals were Carly Galligan and Tierney Lee, watching another group of four young girls follow their mothers’ leads and get up and dance. With arms linked and legs kicking were Elizabeth and Lucy Sheridan, Liliana Lucas and Elisabeth Dardis. Moms Sara Sheridan and Carrianne Lucas soon slipped away from the dancing area for a rest at the tables.



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