Bad Drugs Cause Violent Behavior

To the Editor:

Regarding Newtown’s school tragedy and “psychotropic drugs,” there is a better solution, given the fact that “some 75 percent of these shootings” have been committed by children in school, as a psychologist working for the state was quoted in the Danbury News­-Times.

Then add the more complete picture painted by top psychiatrist Dr David Healy of London who said “that nine out of ten cases in both school shootings and other mass shootings involve psychotropic drugs being prescribed. And these drugs cause violent and aggressive behavior in children and young adults.”

The better solution would be legislation to ban psychiatric drugs that cause violent behavior in the first place. And legislation to require psychiatrists and psychologists to notify both school officials and police departments of students with mental disorders, and banning them from shooting ranges of the ability to purchase guns or ammunition.

Outlawing gun ownership by lawful citizens still fails to eliminate the bad drugs that cause the violent behavior in the first place, nor will more laws foster responsible parenting. And as Senator Lindsay Graham said in Congress that “more people are killed every year with hammers and automobiles than with rifles, and we don’t ban them.”

Parents should be concerned that children still dosed-up on mind-altering meds will simply find alternative tools to commit the same acts of violence. The first question is, “Is all this too hard for legislators to understand?” The second question, “Is this a political distraction from the fact that it was legislators in previous years who voted to close all the mental institutions in the first place?”

Don’t you find it remarkable how all the fresh air magically cured all those released when Fairfield Hills or Southbury Training School was closed?

What I find disconcerting is that our first selectman has failed to mention mental health, psychotropic drugs, responsible parenting or the local legislation I suggested above, while she joins President Obama in his crusade against our Second Amendment, that when lost would undermine every other freedom provided by our Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Daniel Kormanik

178 Hanover Road, Newtown                      March 11, 2013

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