Attacking The Second Amendment

To the Editor:

In response to a letter to the editor from Michael Luzzi printed 03/07/2013 edition of the Bee.

The Second Amendment is exactly as Mr Luzzi claims, “A Life Jacket.” Without it, we as citizens are unable to protect ourselves from history repeating its self, that is to say, to keep us from being physically enslaved by a tyrannical government. Sadly, I think we have already been enslaved to our government by the gross and sickening size of our total national debt, without a shot fired, we have been trapped. Make no mistake, by any measure of our Constitution, those in power currently, are in my opinion, tyrants! It is not just nationally, but at all levels of government!

I would like to set the record straight for Mr Luzzi as he has forgotten many important facts regarding our tragedy, maybe he did so to conveniently give his agenda a more heartfelt appeal and emotional draw. I find it offensive that he has done so, let’s be honest, Adam Lanza’s first illegal act that tragic morning was loading his stolen weapon, we could have charged him with illegal possession of a firearm, and I am certain we could have added intent to kill if it had only stopped there.

Mr Luzzi has decided to attack the Second Amendment by saying “Wasn’t the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook shootings a Law Abiding Citizen just before he opened fire on the children and staff?” The answer is obviously no, as we know he stole his mother’s guns, murdered her in her bed, sat around the house for God knows how long before deciding to leave and set course for destruction. We all need to remember that the guns never loaded themselves, never fired themselves, never drove themselves to our school, and certainly did not shoot their way in by themselves! I ask, why then are we holding guns responsible for this act and not Adam Lanza, or his family for that matter? Why are we condemning and bastardizing inanimate objects rather than the people who are actually responsible for the action? Don’t we think it’s time to hold people accountable for their actions? Don’t we need to be responsible for how are children see and view the world? They learn from us, what we do matters, taking personal responsibility, getting involved in a community, participating in activities, caring for neighbors, it all matters how and what we do, our children are watching!

I find it discouraging when Liberal Progressives feel that since they don’t wish to exercise many of their freedoms that those freedoms should be stripped from all of us, unacceptable. The Bill Of Rights are provided by Nature and Nature’s God, not by men or governments. I will exercise my entire God given freedoms and defend those same freedoms for others, even Mr Luzzi’s First Amendment rights to skew the facts for his benefit.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Barresi

Walker Hill Road, Sandy Hook                                   March 13, 2013

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The right to own an AR-15 is a God-given freedom?

God Given Freedom

Yes, it's my God given freedom to own any weapon I choose in defense of my family, period! Any Questions?

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