Anti-Rabies Clinic Made Possible By Volunteers

To the Editor:

Last Saturday we held our 29th annual Low Cost Anti-Rabies Clinic in Newtown.  This clinic was made possible by local veterinarian, Dr Rakesh Vali DVM of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals and his assistant, Mary Simpson, both of whom donated their time and service.  My very special thanks to each of them.

I had many new volunteers this year from Newtown Woman’s Club and Canine Advocates. Both organizations keep this opportunity of low cost vaccinations for cats and dogs available for our Community and I could not run this without them.

And thanks to my Assistant’s Renee Weimann, Aileen Nosal and Monica Duhancik who were on hand and issued over 35 dog licenses to Newtown residents.


Debbie Aurelia Halstead

Town Clerk

3 Primrose Street, Newtown                        June 17, 2014

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