Acts Of Kindness From Wisconsin

To the Editor:

My daughter, Ariana Pensy, is one of the first recipients of the Charlotte Bacon Acts of Kindness Award awarded by Newtown Kindness. We had the amazing honor of being invited to the awards ceremony in February when we traveled to Newtown from Wisconsin.

The awards ceremony was held at The Newtown Healing Art Space.  It is a beautiful space; we also spent extended time there the day after the awards ceremony.  To see the love and the coming together of so many people from all over the country and the world was beyond inspiring and something that words cannot really describe. You feel it from the second you walk through the front door. What we were given for having been able to experience The Newtown Healing Art Space is a gift beyond measure. Its healing effects stretch far beyond Newtown and we were so thankful and honored to be there.

Ariana donated $10 from her savings bank to the effort to raise funds for The Newtown Healing Art Space.  We have also passed the information for the fund on to several people we know and we hope they will raise enough funds to be able to maintain such an amazing place that has given so much to so many, and far beyond Newtown.  Many thanks to the people of The Newtown Healing Art Space for your amazing efforts and kindness!

Much love and kindness from Wisconsin to you and all the people of Newtown,

Lara Pensy

1015 Thornecrest Drive, Janesville, WI              April 29, 2013

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