Letters to the Editor

  • Praise for ‘Panacea’

    To the Editor: Last Saturday night, at the Great Newtown Reunion, "Panacea" absolutely rocked our world. Every single one of the rock group's members was superb, and the song choices brought tears to our eyes. "Panacea" was back again, and 40 years magically melted away ... we were young, deliriously happy and carefree once more. We knew every single word to every single song, and we let the world know it with a cacophony of off-key yet joyous and enthusiastic singing to the music of our beloved "Panacea."

  • Our Circle

    To the Editor: Our mutual pain and suffering is what allows us Newtowners to clench hands in a large circle – all 27,560 of us. It’s easy for us to open up to one another because there is not a single person in that circle who cannot understand our pain. Anyone I talk to in that circle can in some way sympathize with me. This is what unifies us. But what happens when life’s forces pushes us out of that circle? Can anyone really understand us then? Is there anyone else out there we can lock hands with, look into their eyes, and tell our story to knowing that they will understand?

  • Support For Regional Hospice

    To the Editor: Once again the loyal supporters of the Newtown Chapter of Regional Hospice & Home Care came out to support our 24th Annual Breakfast at The Waterview on June 12th. The numbers are just about all in and we have realized a profit of $22,000-plus, which we think is terrific!

  • Extraordinary Trip, Extraordinary Kids

    To the Editor: As chaperones of the Ben’s Lighthouse sponsored work camp in Oklahoma, we want to praise each and every one of the youth who took part in the trip: Aimee Alexander, Alana Murray, Austen Wagner, Brenna Kelly, Dan Harrison, Elizabeth Calabrese, Eric Benson, Erica Thill, Jeff Haylon, Jessica Delp, Joe Fiorella, Katie Clark, Maggie Kost, Marissa Thill, Matt Gonzalez, Mergim Bajraliu, Patrick Pierce, Tess Murray, and Trystan Wagner.

  • Proud To Be A Sandy Hooker

    To the Editor: Being a Sandy Hooker for 25-plus years, I have to admit I never gave the center of our town much more than a cursory glance. Now I look forward to all the improvements that have evolved, to transform our little village into an appealing New England town.

  • Newtown Needs A Cultural Arts Center

    To the Editor: For 10 years now it has been in the Fairfield Hills Master Plan to build a Cultural Arts Center. Unfortunately, because of budgetary concerns, the town never felt like it had the opportunity to put forward a proposal to make this happen. Now perhaps things are different. There are many of us who believe that right now is the time to finally make having a Cultural Arts Center at Fairfield Hills a reality. And I believe we seriously need to consider what the town and various well-meaning groups, foundations, corporations and major sports teams are spending money on. Let's step back and take a moment to prioritize what would be best for this town, what would do the most good for the people of our community.

  • Grateful For Kindness And Support

    To the Editor: The Sandy Hook School PTA would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the many people who have helped support our school community during these most challenging months since December 14th.

  • Town Meeting: Might As Well Have Locked The Door

    To the Editor: With regard to tonight’s town meeting scheduled for 7 pm. I arrived at the Municipal Center at 7:03 pm. The registrars were giving out voting cards upon proof of identity. I would judge that there were somewhere in the range of 40 people in orderly lines, and it took until about 7:10 for me to get my ticket. There were still a dozen or so behind me. The entrance to the council chambers was blocked so I went to the exit side to see if I could see what was going on. Imagine my shock when I was greeted by exiting town officials who announced that the meeting was over and that both measures had passed.

  • The Cost Of Doing Business

    To the Editors: Look at President Obama’s vast economic deception. From his pronouncements that Obamacare will save money, with no mention that the total cost will be more than twice the $900 billion claimed, to our new improved Gross National Product numbers. When the facts do not support his claims, he changes the measuring stick.

  • A Huge Waste Of Taxpayer Money

    To the Editor: Queen Street + Speed Bumps = huge waste of taxpayer money. The town should take the same approach to Queen Street that they have taken for the road that we live on, which hasn’t cost the town a penny. The speed limit on our road is 15 mph and no one breaks it. Here’s the trick — our road hasn’t been resurfaced in 30 years. Its full of cracks and potholes, the curbs are falling apart. It is impossible to go over 15 mph without ruining your car’s suspension.