Letters to the Editor

  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk

    To the Editor: We would like to invite the community to a walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research sponsored by The Lustgarten Foundation. The 2nd Annual Fairfield County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk will be held on September 30 at the Bethel High School tra...

  • A Suggestion For Ballot Questions

    To the Editor: I am perplexed by the difficulty the charter commission is having with the manner to approach the budget approval process. In the first place, one must assume that the budget preparers have asked for everything they need. However, it should ...

  • The Best Things In Newtown

    To the Editor: I thought it would be fun to submit a list of “you haven’t done the best things in Newtown until you have…” ...

  • Why Do Volunteers Have To Pay?

    To the Editor: Congratulations and thanks to the Labor Day Parade Committee for a job well done.  Having co-chaired two of the parades in the past, I can truly appreciate all the hard work, sweat and yes, sometimes tears, that go into making each and every parade special.  When I...

  • Wellness And Healing

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Reed Wellness Committee and the staff of Reed Intermediate School, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Drs Rod & May Deraney and staff from Physical Medicine and Family Wellness, Jennifer Iannucci – phy...

  • Put Your Gun Away

    (The following letter is addressed to the author of a letter entitled “The Holster On My Hip,” published in the 8/23/13 edition of The Bee.) Dear Lou Carpenter, You say that you recognize the emotions that make people in Newtown view you differently when you openly carried your sidearm. I don’t believe you do. If you did have compassion for the survivors, then you would put your gun away. If you did feel the loss and resulting pain that the shooting inflicted, then you would put your gun away. If you did understand the changes in attitude people have towards firearms here, then you would put your gun away. Instead, you decided to make a political statement. Why is it so difficult for you to realize that an openly carried sidearm truly threatens, menaces and intimidates those who are still traumatized?

  • Congressional Service: An Honor Not A Career

    To the Editor: I am in full agreement with Rich Narel (letter published Sept 7, 2012); in fact there is a movement out there called the "Congressional Reform Act of 2012" strongly supported by Warren Buffet. Here are the main featur...

  • Exceptional Performances

    To the Editor:

  • A Welcome Harvest

    To the Editor: How better to close the summer of wonderful, fresh produce grown by the hard working volunteers of the Victory Garden than to have some of those same volunteers, including members of the Garden Club, travel to Washington, CT and return with a massive amount of beautiful, organic apples? It’s like the icing on the cake, or better yet the applesauce on the vegetables!