Wake Up America

To the Editor:

The Republicans finally found a Bush-Cheney puppeteer! Let’s not forget Halliburton.

As of August 11, 2012, it is now known as the Romney-Ryan puppeteer. If you vote for them, you can ready yourselves for the “proverbial breadline.”

How did Cheney-Bush take a $2 billion surplus and turn it into a $1 trillion deficit? With the exact same Cheney policies — trickle-down economics will only succeed in making the rich richer and the middle class, in a word, “bankrupt.”

Only Governor Romney and other millionaires and billionaires benefited by using every single tax loophole known in the USA. How can Gov Romney possibly show us his prior tax returns?

Mary Adams

41 Elizabeth Circle, Newtown                    August 11, 2012

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