A Suggestion For Ballot Questions

To the Editor:

I am perplexed by the difficulty the charter commission is having with the manner to approach the budget approval process. In the first place, one must assume that the budget preparers have asked for everything they need. However, it should be expected that a Cadillac might be specified when a Chevy would do, if you get my drift. So anybody who would ask for the budget to be raised on the first vote can not be taken seriously. On that basis, a “too high” or “too low” explanation on the ballot is inane. If the budget was bifurcated, it would be immediately be known if one or the other side is higher than the voters want. In a rational world, a No vote on a budget always means it is too high.

However, the “No, too low” voters have had a voice, yet their numbers are hard to determine. On the chance that their numbers are significant, it would be prudent to allow that option on the second and subsequent ballots.

My recommendation to the charter commission then would be :

On the first ballot, a simple Yes or No.

On the second and subsequent ballots, a Yes, No, and No too low.

This will provide the town and Board of Education all the information they need to get the budget right.

Art Niedzielski

12 Fieldstone Drive, Newtown                    August 19, 2012

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